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Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje In addition to practicing languages and discovering the natural, cultural, and architectural heritage of the Maestrat area, this is an ideal place for personal development through the diversity of people who come to participate in one of the many meetings that take place regularly, or just to spend a few days of tranquility in the mountains. The paradise seeks to promote Self-Knowledge through dialogue and the knowledge of other people and other points of view about Life, and the calm atmosphere allows this to happen naturally. In addition, the simple fact of inhabiting an old house, in a place such as this one, is in itself a very interesting anthropological experience, which allows us to discover alternative ways of existing on this planet, distinct from the current western modern way of life. The slow pace, the darkness, the life without a car, the relationship with fire, allow us to connect with other dimensions of our humanity. Finally, as a group facilitator, I like to ensure that coexistence itself be an experimentation focused on becoming aware of the complexity of human relationships, which at the same time allows us to practice tools that make us more capable of sharing and collaborating in any project.

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A few information that you provide is all the time welcome as you are a accurate bredrin. One of the few ancestor that knows and shares the adoration for our authentic Jamaican lifestyle. The moderator for this forum is a lovely young lady from Spain who now lives and works in London. Helena loves to read and analysis pictures about Jamaica and so I try to encourage her by publishing information that will entice her en route for visit our rock someday. Your apparition on this forum is an added plus for all of us campeón you actually live there now after that love the island as much at the same time as I do. The musical video is a joy to listen to after that the pictures capture the authentic scenes of life on a daily base. They all bring back happy memories for me. I only stated the general area of some of the places and am hoping that erstwhile forum members will join in after that share their knowledge and their accept personal experiences after watching the capture. There is only one trap so as to I made.


We want to thank you this attractive experience we had all together designed for this whole month! This was our very first work away place after that we are grateful that it was with you and with this astonishing group of other volunteers Kenichi, Lulu and Maria! Super nice, super free-minded, super funny people with super energy! For sure … read more denial one would ever feel bored before frustrated there, but like they are at a wellness holiday for their souls! Together with Gabriela they accomplish the best food you could assume while Milo baby is being cutely curious and always with a adult smile with his DooDoo. Thank you Gabi for your soap-, cream-, toothpaste and all the interesting workshops you gave, we learned a lot add again!

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