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Film festivals fulfil a wide range of different functions, one of the most important of which is backing the promotion, distribution and expansion of markets for the work on exhibit at the events. This is the idea behind Shortlatino; to serve from its beginnings as a bridge between Spanish and Portuguese language short films — often made on the other side of the Atlantic — and programmers, festivals, and purchasers in Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to viewing booths and the catalogue containing as much information as possible on all the participating films, two elements of vital importance in all markets, our goal is to turn Shortlatino into a forum for lively debate in which experiences can be shared, marketing possibilities debated and ideas exchanged. Methods of financing, promotion and distribution, public subsidies and the role of public administrations in the promotion of short films, the role played by distributors specialized in the format, the role of short film associations in the sales process, what potential purchasers of short films are looking for to obtain rights and many other topics of interest will be under discussion at this first Shortlatino. As well as debates, we will be fostering informal meetings between everyone involved, facilitating face-to-face contact between purchasers and those holding the marketing rights, and there will be presentations on new ways of producing and distributing short films.

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